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Looking Up at Skyscrapers

AI driven CDP & Marketing Automation (SaaS)

Being able to provide customers with the shortest path to the best products, is a puzzle that every company has to crack. Thanks to ACE CXM closing deals just got a lot easier.



Analyze website traffic, transactions and user profiles to build connections between them, predict shopping behavior and create personalized product recommendations. Recommend products based on the behavior of other customers with a similar profile.

ACE CXM features:

  • Increase sales conversion through product recommendations 

  • Providing recommendations that may interest the user the most

  • Improve retargeting campaigns

  • Personalizing the website also for anonymous visitors


Automatically segment customers based on the time since the last transaction, the frequency of purchases and the amount of money spent (Recency, Frequency, Monetary). Automate the communication to address changes in the buying behaviour, increase retention and CLV.

ACE CXM features:

  • Increasing customer retention by detecting a decrease in their shopping activity and automatically launching engaging win-back campaigns

  • Increasing profits by directing up & cross‑selling campaigns to the most loyal users

  • Optimization of the base activation costs by adjusting the amount of discounts for the next purchase depending on the customer's value


Maximize income from each individual customer by increasing value of transactions and building customer loyalty. ACE CXM provides a set of functionalities which help you improve Customer Lifetime Value.


System uses Digital Body Language analysis and RFM automation to target your customers with campaigns dedicated to segments with different value and activity level. You can easily up-sell, automate the communication, set discount levels or decide on best communication channels to motivate your customers to buy more or come back.

Segment your customers based on:

  • Value of transactions

  • Frequency of transactions

  • Products purchased

  • Time from the last purchase

Every company is faced with the tough task of finding new customers, but the process should get easier over time. Being able to track what's working and what's not, is key to long-term growth, but in the short-term a company needs to focus on the potential customers that want to buy now!


Our ChatBots will deliver the most qualified lead your sales team can get, because it has the ability to utilize AI and have a detailed conversation with your lead before you reach out to your potential client. 


Responsive Website

Automate displays of personalized 1-to-1 content in real time for anonymous and monitored website visitors based on their behaviors and transactional profiles to increase their engagement and improve conversion.

ACE CXM features:

  • Shortens the customer's journey & makes finding interesting offers easier

  • Improve customer service processes using automatic, contextual chat initiation

  • Acquire new contacts thanks to advanced personalization of forms & optimal display times

App Screens


Surprise your customers with products perfectly fitting their needs. Make sure they will see most appropriate offers in right time to increase your sales. ACE CXM offers variable product recommendation mechanisms, giving you the possibility to easily choose how products should be adjusted in specific campaign. Use simple drag & drop editor to create recommendation frames and implement them in your messages and on the website.

ACE CXM features:

  • Product retargeting

  • Saved abandoned carts

  • Up and cross selling campaigns 

  • Increasing website & social media conversions


With the advanced configurations of points and tiers, it is possible to create a customized Loyalty Program that will help your business achieve its goals.

ACE CXM features:

  • Create all types of loyalty programs (points, cashback, hybrid, etc.)

  • Allow customers to earn points based on transactions

  • Award points based on behavioral data 

  • Grant benefits and points through automation processes


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